X-mini launches seven new speakers in Singapore

X-mini is making an epic return to the market today with not one, not two, but SEVEN amazing new speakers – each one unique in its own individual way, but all promising high quality portable audio.


Dell XPS 13 Review

This is one of the best Windows ultrabooks we have ever used. The almost-borderless display is one-of-a-kind, and we're still amazed at how Dell can fit a 13-inch screen into an 11-inch laptop form factor.


Why do buses bunch together?

Birds of the same feather flock together; but it seems like buses of the same number flock together too. Why are we still seeing inefficient bus bunching in Singapore today?


Jabra Speak 710 Review

This speakerphone is great for calls, music, movies and packs features such as a a link function and voice assistant button - but good things come at a price.


Garmin launches Vivosmart 3 in Singapore

The Vivosmart 3 tracks VO2 Fitness, steps, and even stress levels - definitely a fitness tracker worth considering in our fast-paced society!


Galaxy S8 Launched - Big, Bold, Beautiful Infinity Display

Gorgeous borderless infinity display, premium audio, and an AI assistant sounds great, but we hoped for a higher battery capacity.


PRISM+ - Super Sexy Singaporean Monitors

PRISM+ is a homegrown gaming monitor company from the same minds behind Aftershock. we had a hands-on experience at PRISM’s IT Show booth last week, and we’re loving what we've see so far!


Mass Effect Andromeda: Hands on preview

Mass Effect Andromeda - pretty graphics, great gameplay, weird character faces. Does the game live up to its hype? Read this spoiler-free review to find out.

Black Computer L100: A Solution To The Inconveniences Of Network Separation

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This article was published first at techoutsg.com by Zack Lim – additional editing by Billy Zheng.

The Black Computer L100 as seen at this year’s GovernmentWare trade show. (Photo: ST Electronics) People working in the public and government sector can soon enjoy a computer with both corporate intranet and the Internet (www) with ST Electronic’s Black Computer L100.

Remember back in army days, you have the iNet computer which allows you to surf the Internet, and another OA computer which requires an ISAC Card to use? ST Electronics might have found a solution for this. The company’s BLACK Computer L100 will have split personalities. Meaning, you can switch between the untrusted Internet and your trusted corporate Intranet.

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HTC U11 Unboxing & Hands On Review

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Although the HTC has produced mediocre phones over the past few years, they’ve knocked it out of the park with their flagship U11. This rivals the iPhone 8 – if you’re torn between Apple and Android, just get this. It’s got top of the line specs, a beautiful body, fantastic audio, great camera and a very nice form factor.

The programmable ‘edge sense’ squeeze function is extremely useful and better implemented than Samsung’s Bixby-only button. I hate that there’s no headphone jack and the body’s a super fingerprint magnet – battery life is so-so too. Still, i’d say that the HTC U11 performs better than 95% of the Android phones out there. It isn’t revolutionary like the S8, but it’s a wonderful incremental step. HTC sticks to a tried and true form factor and what works.
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Moto Z2 Play Unboxing: The Gold Standard For Battery & Innovation

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The Moto Z2 Play’s modular system is awesome – you can attach batteries, wireless charging covers – even a camera with 10x optical zoom. It’s a midranger and doesn’t perform as great as the HTC U11 and Samsung Galaxy S8, but get this – the Moto Z2 Play’s battery life is SICK. The best we’ve seen. Lasts one and a half days or so with 8-10 hours of screen-on time. I left this with the battery mod on and got it to run Netflix with sound for 24 hours. S$799 for the phone, expect to spend about S$100 to S$200 for each mod. Not cheap, but definitely innovative and unique. Stay tuned for our in-depth review!

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Epson Launches 5 L-Series Integrated Ink Tank Printers Designed To Save Costs And Print Efficiently

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Epson L6170

Epson L6170 L-series Integrated Ink Tank Printer 


Epson has just launched its new A4 duplex integrated ink tank printer – a new line of L-series printers which offer one of the lowest printing costs in the market. These printers are fantastic for businesses who print a ton of pages on a daily basis as each complete set of 4 ink bottles yields 7,500 black and white pages and 6,000 colour pages, meaning lower printing and operating costs for businesses.

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