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July 2017

Bragi Dash Review – Fantastic Concept That’s Rough Around The Edges

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Bragi Dash

In 2014, a little German startup called Bragi launched a crowdfunding campaign for a pair of true wireless earphones called The Dash. The company touted the Dash as the world’s first true wireless smart in-ears – the first to offer a great listening experience along with automated fitness tracking, offline listening and waterproofing. Although everyone was excited for its launch, the final product fell short of expectations for some. Did Bragi over-promise and under-deliver? Let’s find out.

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Adobe Updates Creative Cloud 2017 – XD, DW & Stock improvements all around

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Although Adobe Creative Cloud is a little pricey, there’s no denying that it saves designers a huge amount of time, and can be a lifesaver when rushing to deliver a project. If you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber, you’re in luck – the company has updated some of their apps with a even more nifty, time-saving features you should check out.

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