MyRepublic launching mobile services in October, IPO in 2018

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MyRepublic CEO

Although fiber internet company MyRepublic lost the bid to be the fourth Singaporean telco to Australian-based TPG Telecom, it announced the launch of their own local mobile services by October this year.

Since MyRepublic doesn’t have the license to build its own telco infrastructure, it will operate as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and buy airtime in bulk from either Starhub, Singtel or M1. This is the same business model used by Circles.Life, which buys their airtime from M1.

Although MyRepublic did not go into detail into which telco they will buy airtime from, and the exact pricing and nature of their mobile plans, Chief Executive Officer Malcolm Rodrigues mentioned that the plans will offer “generous mobile data”, and might include features such as seamless roaming in countries where MyRepublic operates.

We’re not sure if ‘generous data’ means an unlimited data mobile plan like the company promised during their campaign for the fourth telco bid, but we think that the company might pursue a value-for-money strategy, just as they did with their 1GBPS plan in 2014 – one of the most affordable and popular broadband options at that time. The company aims to capture 5-6 percent market share of Singapore’s mobile market in five years.

MyRepublic is also intending to launch a TV Service in Singapore with content from overseas networks such as HBO, FOX and Netflix, but this will come in 2018 due to licensing delays. Together with their existing broadband offering and upcoming data and voice services, they aim to be a “Quad-play provider” offering customers attractive bundle options.

Although MyRepublic was very reluctant to share the pricing and unique features of these plans, they have promised to announce more details next month.

Whatever they may be, MyRepublic will face a difficult uphill battle breaking into the mobile services market. Rival MVNO Circles.Life has been in Singapore for a year and has gained popularity for their affordable, data generous plans – and the big three telcos already have attractive bundled services for sale.

This is just one step in MyRepublic’s long game though; The company is currently raising S$100 million to fund expansions in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia, and plans to go public in Singapore next May. They’re projecting strong growth and income over the next few years – but it remains to be seen whether they can actually expand their services well while retaining a competitive edge.

In the meantime, we’ll be eagerly waiting to see how the company plans to one-up Circles.Life and the big three telcos at home.


  • MyRepublic Mobile plans coming in October 2017, will have generous data – more details announced next month
  • MyRepublic TV coming in 2018
  • MyRepublic will offer bundled packages
  • MyRepublic raising S$100 million to fund expansions in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia
  • Company will plan to go public in Singapore next May
  • MyRepublic NOT buying M1 as they are “an internet company and not a telco”
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