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Ever wanted to switch telcos, but feel a little held back because of the commitment and contracts? Circles.Life is going all out to ease switching over through it’s one-of-a-kind “try-before-you-buy” free mobile plan called Circles.Switch, which starts from today and ends on 31 December 2017. Yes, it’s a free mobile plan with 20GB of data a month. No hidden costs, no delivery charges, no registration fees or SIM card costs. It sounds absolutely ridiculous and a deal out of a conman’s book, but it is official. So what’s the catch?


The catch is that you can only sign up for the service if you have:

  • A post paid contract and number with another telco that is ending before 31st December, 2017 (The number should be registered to your ID)
  • A credit card account

This service is aimed at customers who are about to end their contracts, are in a contract with the other telcos and want to try out Circles’ new mobile plans. You get 20GB monthly data, 100 minutes talk time, and 20 SMS – you can’t customize the plan, but well – it’s all free.

It works like Netflix. You create an account with Circles, sign up for a trial, put in your mobile number and use the data to your heart’s content.

When you get your Circles.Switch SIM card, you’ll get a randomly assigned temporary number under during the trial period. Your existing number on the other telco’s plan will be left alone.

When the trial date is over, you can cancel it or – if you like the service, just leave it as it is – will transfer your number over to them at the end of the trial (1st Jan 2018).

If you want to switch over to the Circles.Life network before the trial is over, you can ask for an early transfer of your number. If done before 14th Dec 2017, will award you a bonus 20 GB for $20 Data Plus option for 3 months free.

If you don’t qualify for the Circles.switch trial because your contract is already over, the company will give you 3 months of the 20 GB for $20 Data Plus option free if you transfer your number to Circles.Life before 14th December 2017.

If you’re already an existing Circles.Life user and you haven’t transferred your number existing post-paid number to Circles.Life yet, the company will also give you 3 months of the 20 GB for $20 Data Plus option free if you transfer your number before 14th December, 2017.

We feel that this is a smart, generous move from and a very enticing trial for those who want to try out the service before they switch over. Post-paid telco plans have always been a difficult buy for consumers because they can only find out if the company’s service works well after they sign a plan or a long-term contract. Giving users an option to try out the service is a daring and wise business decision that might just pull away customers on the fence to Circles’ side.

Interested to sign up? Head over to’s switch page here.



Rameez Ansar, co-founder and director of Circles.Life said: “Since our launch last year, we have been single-mindedly focused on customer empowerment. In March, we shook the market with our 20 GB for $20 data upgrade plan (20/20 plan) which made bountiful data available to the customer at affordable prices. We are ready to challenge the status quo again and invite others still not on Circles.Life. We want people to feel the power of an end-to-end digital telco service. We want people to feel the power of a Circles.Life no-contract plan over so called ‘subsidized’ 24-month contract plans. We want people to feel the power of 20 GB /month. Circles Switch makes it possible for people to try out our service for free. We are doing this because we are confident they will switch to a full Circles.Life plan.” he added. has also announced that they are confident of hitting 3-5 percent market share two years earlier than expected, and will be expanding their services to Indonesia. The company is currently setting up at Block 71’s new location in Jakarta and is focused on building the local team including Operations, Product, and Network Engineering.“We aim to launch our mobile service in Indonesia by next year.” added Mr Ansar.

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