Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Freestyle Collection brings a splash of color to the speaker lineup

By 13th February 2018Audio

Remember the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom we reviewed last year? This awesome little speaker which puts out boomy sound way larger than its size is getting a few new outfits for the new year. Meet the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Freestyle Collection: five new colors and designs which add a vibrant splash of color to the speaker lineup.


We love all the new colors – especially Unicorn and Concrete, which really appeal to our inner millenial and add a bit of depth and mixed style as compared to the single color speakers. While Raspberry looks perfect for the festive Lunar New Year season, Avocado will fit in perfect with natural environments and pairs perfectly with the OD Green style we army boys are so used to.

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Freestyle Collection is expected to be available from 23 February 2018 and will retail for SGD$149.00  – same as the regular colors. If you’ve already got one Wonderboom, this is the perfect chance to get another – you can pair two of them for a louder, fuller, bassier experience!


Images: Ultimate Ears.

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