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Circles.ife has done it again – their new Flexi Plan starts at S$0 a month and nets you 1GB data, 30 mins of talktime, 10 SMS, and a free SIM card plus caller ID. So what’s the catch?

All the benefits above are completely free with no strings attached – but they are a pretty small offering. If there is a catch, it’s a reasonable one – makes money through the top-ups.

  • Add 1GB for $8.
  • Add 2GB for $12.
  • Add 30 minutes & 10 SMS for $5.

That’s actually pretty reasonable if you don’t spend too much time on the phone. The flexi plan could be perfect for a standby phone for a duty counter, or if you just need a second line for work purposes. If you need more data, there’s always the very reasonable $28 6GB Base Plan and the 20GB for $20 Data Plus options. You can also port over your number (will take some time – you’ll get a temp number while it happens), or upgrade to the base $28 plan anytime you wish.

The coolest thing to us is the new partnership between SingPost and In the early days of, you’d had to wait for a week to get a SIM card from the point of registration, or choose to self-collect it at a designated point. Due to some service woes during that period, customers often had to wait days – even weeks or more for delivery.

Thanks to the new partnership, you can get a new SIM card in just 5 minutes flat at the General Post Office and Sengkang + Woodlands Post Offices.

The 5-minute sign-up process:

  1. Register on Circles.Life’s website at the kiosk on-site
  2. Once completed, you’ll receive a confirmation code via email
  3. Bring the code to the counter for SIM card collection
  4. SIM card will be activated in less than an hour chose to roll this out at post offices due to the central location in communities and facilities available there. “The post office is an integral part of the neighbourhood, providing postal and other essential services to the community.” said Ms Sara Kalle, Senior Vice President, Group Sales, SingPost. “We are pleased that Circles.Life has leveraged on our island-wide network of post offices to make it more convenient for people to obtain digital access.”

The three post offices above are part of the initial rollout, but and SingPost didn’t provide any details on where else this will be made available. We’ve reached out to them for more details and will update when there’s more information. In the event that you have no time, you can opt for the traditional delivery of self-collection.


Okay great. But seriously – no catch?


That’s what claims. Rameesz Ansar,’s Co-founder had this to say: “Technological evolution is reshaping the way businesses operate, and the way people run their lives. That’s why we believe in empowering people by making digital access more available for everyone. For this reason, we released $0/month Flexi Plan that provides customers with 1GB every month for free, giving them access to the internet with no strings attached. Unlimiting digital access also means making our service more accessible for everyone. By tapping on SingPost’s post offices across Singapore, our service will be even more accessible to more people, leaving no one out of the smart nation initiative.”

Pretty generous.

If you’re interested in signing up for a Flexi Plan, head on over to here:

In other news, is also offering new pay-as-you-go roaming prices, with 70% off on current rates in 34 countries.

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