Honor 10 Singapore First Impressions – Flagship Specs for S$579

By 11th June 2018Phones

Honor has just launched their Honor 10 smartphone in Singapore – this phone has a 5.8 inch FHD LCD 19:9 ‘bezel-less’ display, 128GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, 24MP+16MP Dual Back Camera, 24MP Front Camera, Huawei’s flagship Kirin 970 processor, 3400mAH of battery, Ultrasonic Fingerprint and Face Unlock.

You get these 2017 flagship specs in the Huawei P20’s body at S$579. Yes, S$579.

A phone with this specs at this price shouldn’t exist – but it does. It is an extremely competitive price that promises to wrest the spotlight away from midrangers like the Samsung Galaxy A8 and Oppo R15. The Honor 10 is without doubt one of the most affordable, value-for-money phones in Singapore at this point of time.

We’ve had a chance to take the Honor 10 for a spin recently, and we think that this is one of the most smooth phones we’ve used in along while. You can typically find compromises in quality or performance in midrangers – either the phone performs decently but looks and feels extremely cheap, or the phone looks great but performs like a brick. The Honor 10 doesn’t appear to have any of those compromises at first glance.

The build quality is quite good and the phone’s unique back gives it a one-of-a-kind colourful shine – but we have to say that the processor’s power, camera, and battery are the strongest points of this phone. We also appreciate that Honor’s put in effort to make the software experience outstanding – the Honor 10 comes with Android 8.1 and updates seem to be frequent, with new features added now and then. Our favourite software feature is the ability to turn ‘off’ the phone’s iPhone X-esque notch, making it appear more like a svelte Pixel or LG V30+.

Let’s not kid ourselves though – the Honor 10 still a midrange phone. Don’t expect Huawei P20-like performance on the Honor 10. The Huawei P20 itself is the Honor 10’s biggest competitor in fact – at S$720 (just $141 more at redwhitemobile.com), you get a true flagship experience.

Still, if you’re in the market for a value-for-money phone, the Honor 10 is the phone to get. Not even the Galaxy A8 or the Oppo R15 comes close to offering this amount of value.


Check out the Honor 10’s camera performance here:


Stay tuned to Thirty Seven Tech for the full review coming very soon!

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