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Above all else, Thirty Seven Tech stands for journalistic objectivity, ethics and honesty. We take the objective assessment of the products we receive for review extremely seriously. We honour embargoes and believe in full disclosure.

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We cover anything related to tech, but we specialise in consumer electronics such as smartphones, wearables, PCs, laptops, personal audio devices, earphones. Got a device or app you think we’d like to review? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us here.

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Billy Zheng

Billy Zheng

Founder, Thirty Seven Tech

Billy is a writer and photographer based in Singapore who aims to bring readers an insightful local angle on the hottest consumer electronics. He has a huge passion for gadgets and mainly covers smartphones, laptops, PC’s, wearables, cameras, and audio equipment. Billy was a former Public Relations specialist in a technology-based PR firm, and has over three years of experience in communications. Outside of work, he plays the guitar, experiments with web + graphic design and plays lots and lots of computer games.

PS: (Look out for him as xadriel on Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Mass Effect and Mechwarrior Online!)