Ixia Cyber Combat 2018 – Training The Next Generation Of White Hats

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To many, living in the online world means being free – free to work, study or play in the way they want, when they want, how they like it. However, take a closer look and you’ll realise that this idyllic, online utopia isn’t as free, clean and sparkly as it appears to be. While netizens go about their business, a secret battle rages on behind the scenes. As you’re reading this, hackers are scouring the internet for potential targets. These aren’t just your typical credit card scammers – there are real, organised groups out there who are experts at their craft, seeking to perpetuate their own agendas, be it hacktivism, denial of service (bringing down websites or service providers), and stealing personal information, company data – or even state secrets. What is being done to fight against these new enemies?

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Shopping For Deals This Singles’ Day? So Are Cybercriminals

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It goes without a doubt that Singles’ Day (11/11) has become one of the world’s largest e-commerce events.  Lazada, Tmall, Shoppee, Zalora and more are offering up really awesome deals on the eleventh of November, and shoppers across Singapore and Asia are eagerly waiting for the chance to get luck and spend their cash. Also waiting for this big day are cybercriminals, who see e-commerce festivals and heavy shopping holidays as the prime opportunity to dupe unsuspecting deal seekers and steal their hard-earned cash. This isn’t some rumour floating around the internet – according to Malwarebytes, cybercrime tends to pick up during festive periods, especially those which involve increased online shopping. To help consumers around the world stay on their toes this hopping season, Malwarebytes is sharing five quick and easy tips to prevent you from become a victim of cybercrime this Singles’ Day.

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