Lenovo launches Lenovo Star Wars Mirage AR Headset Jedi Challenges & Yoga 920 Special Edition

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Lenovo Mirage AR HeadsetStar Wars: The Last Jedi is coming up very soon and lots of brands are pushing their special Star Wars branded products onto the market. We’ve got stormtrooper vacuum robots by Samsung, Jedi shavers by Philips, and tons of other goodies – but the coolest thing this Star Wars season is Lenovo’s Star Wars: Jedi Challenges Mirage AR Headset and their Yoga 920 Special Edition Laptops!

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Black Computer L100: A Solution To The Inconveniences Of Network Separation

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This article was published first at by Zack Lim – additional editing by Billy Zheng.

The Black Computer L100 as seen at this year’s GovernmentWare trade show. (Photo: ST Electronics) People working in the public and government sector can soon enjoy a computer with both corporate intranet and the Internet (www) with ST Electronic’s Black Computer L100.

Remember back in army days, you have the iNet computer which allows you to surf the Internet, and another OA computer which requires an ISAC Card to use? ST Electronics might have found a solution for this. The company’s BLACK Computer L100 will have split personalities. Meaning, you can switch between the untrusted Internet and your trusted corporate Intranet.

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Dell XPS 13 (2016) review – the best Windows ultrabook we’ve used so far

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Dell XPS 13 2016

Dell made waves in the PC market when it released a redesign of its XPS laptop series in 2015. With razor thin bezels on its InfinityEdge Display, a compact carbon fibre body and long battery life, it’s no surprise that this laptop won many awards around the world. Although the XPS 13 hasn’t been updated in terms of design, Dell has recently retrofitted this award-winning machine with Intel’s Kaby Lake processors and some new parts in hopes of retaining its position in the market. Does the 2016 version of the XPS 13 still hold up well today? Let’s find out in our hands on review.


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Apple Unveils The iMac Pro – New Superpowerful All-in-one Desktop

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iMac ProApple has just unveiled the most powerful Macintosh ever made in history – the iMac Pro. It’s the Frankenstein child of Apple’s desktop lines, taking after the insanely powerful internals of the 2013 “Trash Can” Mac Pro and merging them with the svelte, compact body of the 5K iMac. After the unfortunate decline and mismanagement of  the 2013 “Trash Can” Mac Pro, can Apple win back its audience of hardcore designers and creatives with this all-in-one beast?


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5 Techy Gift Ideas for this Mother’s Day

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Mother's Day

This article was first published on TechOut Singapore by Philip Chua, and edited by Billy Zheng for Thirty Seven Tech.
​With Mother’s Day approaching fast, you might be scrambling to buy some last minute gifts – but getting the perfect gift to go with the obligatory flowers might be a daunting task. Not to worry though, we’ve got your back! Here are five gift ideas we think would be great for Mother’s Day!

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Windows 10 S – a platform for education and and Microsoft’s answer to Chrome OS

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Windows 10 S Start

Microsoft has just launched Windows 10 S, a stripped-down version of Windows 10 streamlined towards use in the education sector. Windows 10 S is not an update to Windows 10, but a separate version to be installed in school classroom computers or student laptops. This could be huge in Singapore, especially since our society is so focused on education and learning. So, why is this new operating system so great for education? Let’s take a look.

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PRISM+ – Sexy, affordable gaming monitors made by a Singaporean company

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If you’ve been to the IT Shows in Singapore, you’ve probably heard of Aftershock – a Singaporean PC manufacturer which produces beautiful, custom gaming PC’s and laptops. This year, they’re venturing into the gaming monitors market with their subsidiary PRISM+. We had a hands-on experience at PRISM’s IT Show booth last week, and we’re loving what we see so far!

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