Google Pixel 2 XL – Hands On + Q&A

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Google Pixel 2 XL

You’ve heard about it and it’s true – the Google Pixel 2 XL is arriving in Singapore very soon – 15 November to be exact. And yes, I have one for review. I’ve been getting a whole bunch of questions from friends, family; even strangers on the street about this Xtra-Large wonder – so i’ve decided to consolidate all that into a little Q&A for everyone to read. Here’s my thoughts.

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Sony MDR-1000x Unboxing and Hands On Review

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Unboxing and Hands on with the Sony MDR-1000x. These are superb Bluetooth Noise Cancelling headphones – I took this out to the F1 track this weekend and it cut out the roar of the engines out like cutting through silk. The intelligent noise cancelling sense engine calibrates the level of noise cancelling specifically to your ear structure for the best effect. Great for play, great for work, super duper comfortable – we’re proud to say that these are the best wireless headphones we’ve ever used to date.

Stay tuned for a full in-depth review!

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Sony Waterproof Walkman Review (NW-WS623)

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Sony Waterproof Walkman WS623
Sony has made great audio devices throughout the years and a testament to their success is their world-renowned Walkman line of music players. Despite their long and trusted legacy, they’ve never stopped innovating and have made great strides in both materials and audio research. The result is a unique new line of audio devices, such as the Waterproof Walkman, which enables users to take their music listening experience everywhere, even underwater.

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Jabra Evolve 75 Review: Perfect For Work, Works Well For Leisure Too

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Jabra Evolve 75

Although open offices and trendy, cool and hip – they tend to be noisy and downright distracting. Research from Jabra shows that 78% of office workers believe their productivity negatively affected by ambient noise. It’s more than just a statistic – it’s a fact that’s here to stay. My own office is often abuzz with activity and it can get a little difficult to concentrate with a speaker system playing in the background. To address all this hullabaloo on distraction and focus, Jabra’s introduced a new headset called the Jabra Evolve 75 specifically designed to help the office works of today shut out the noise and regain that laser focus for work.

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Bragi Headphone Review – A Great, Affordable True Wireless Experience

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Bragi Headphone

In 2014, Bragi turned heads with the launch of the sleek, sexy and futuristic-looking Bragi Dash true wireless earphones. Although The Dash boasted a laundry list of smart features and had a great audio experience, it was really expensive and had terrible Bluetooth connectivity which made streaming from phones outdoors near impossible. Although the company wasn’t able to solve all of these issues three years on, the Bragi has returned to the market with a set of newer, streamlined True Wireless earphones called The Bragi Headphone, in an effort to recapture the hearts and minds of wireless audiophiles.

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Dell XPS 13 (2016) review – the best Windows ultrabook we’ve used so far

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Dell XPS 13 2016

Dell made waves in the PC market when it released a redesign of its XPS laptop series in 2015. With razor thin bezels on its InfinityEdge Display, a compact carbon fibre body and long battery life, it’s no surprise that this laptop won many awards around the world. Although the XPS 13 hasn’t been updated in terms of design, Dell has recently retrofitted this award-winning machine with Intel’s Kaby Lake processors and some new parts in hopes of retaining its position in the market. Does the 2016 version of the XPS 13 still hold up well today? Let’s find out in our hands on review.


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