X-mini launches seven new speakers in Singapore

X-mini is making an epic return to the market today with not one, not two, but SEVEN amazing new speakers – each one unique in its own individual way, but all promising high quality portable audio.


Dell XPS 13 Review

This is one of the best Windows ultrabooks we have ever used. The almost-borderless display is one-of-a-kind, and we're still amazed at how Dell can fit a 13-inch screen into an 11-inch laptop form factor.


Why do buses bunch together?

Birds of the same feather flock together; but it seems like buses of the same number flock together too. Why are we still seeing inefficient bus bunching in Singapore today?


Jabra Speak 710 Review

This speakerphone is great for calls, music, movies and packs features such as a a link function and voice assistant button - but good things come at a price.


Garmin launches Vivosmart 3 in Singapore

The Vivosmart 3 tracks VO2 Fitness, steps, and even stress levels - definitely a fitness tracker worth considering in our fast-paced society!


Galaxy S8 Launched - Big, Bold, Beautiful Infinity Display

Gorgeous borderless infinity display, premium audio, and an AI assistant sounds great, but we hoped for a higher battery capacity.


PRISM+ - Super Sexy Singaporean Monitors

PRISM+ is a homegrown gaming monitor company from the same minds behind Aftershock. we had a hands-on experience at PRISM’s IT Show booth last week, and we’re loving what we've see so far!


Mass Effect Andromeda: Hands on preview

Mass Effect Andromeda - pretty graphics, great gameplay, weird character faces. Does the game live up to its hype? Read this spoiler-free review to find out.

Garmin launches Vivosmart 3 in Singapore – a fitness tracker that measures VO2 fitness, stress, and helps you calm down

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Garmin Vivosmart 3

Garmin, a long standing manufacturer of fitness gadgets and GPS devices, has just announced the launch of the Garmin Vivosmart 3 and Vivofit for kids in Singapore. The Vivosmart 3 adds on to Garmin’s big lineup of fitness devices and seeks to be an attractive offering to active working people who want to keep track of their fitness health and stress levels.

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Windows 10 S – a platform for education and and Microsoft’s answer to Chrome OS

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Windows 10 S Start

Microsoft has just launched Windows 10 S, a stripped-down version of Windows 10 streamlined towards use in the education sector. Windows 10 S is not an update to Windows 10, but a separate version to be installed in school classroom computers or student laptops. This could be huge in Singapore, especially since our society is so focused on education and learning. So, why is this new operating system so great for education? Let’s take a look.

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Nikon D7500 announced in Singapore: Five things you need to know about this DSLR

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Nikon D7500


Nikon Singapore has just launched the Nikon D7500, the company’s follow-up to the D7200 and the latest mid-range DSLR in its DX-format series. Targeted at prosumers, the D7500 builds on the DNA of Nikon’s successful flagship – the D500 – and attempts to bring professional features to photographers looking to up their game. Here’s five things we think everyone should know about the camera:

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Jabra Singapore launches the Speak 710: A portable speakerphone for executives on the move

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Jabra's New Speak 710

This article was first published at TechOut Singapore by Philip Chua, and edited by Billy Zheng for Thirty Seven Tech.

Jabra Singapore recently launched the new Jabra Speak 710 mobile speakerphone, its newest entry in the Speak series. While the Speak series have been popular for its conferencing capabilities, Jabra has listened to customer feedback on previous speakerphones and updated the Jabra Speak 710 with new features meant for executives on the move. So, what’s new?

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BeLive’s virtual busking app lets budding performers reach out through live streaming

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Singaporean company BeLive just launched it’s own livestreaming app on 7 April 2017, and this looks to be an interesting offering despite the app stores being saturated with many competitors such as Bigo Live. While other apps have a huge focus on monetization and popularity, BeLive takes a different approach by focusing on the streamer and the content they offer.

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