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Thirty Seven Talks to Silka Miesnieks, Head of Adobe Design Lab

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Thirty Seven Talk Silka

When you think of 3D models, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – it’s almost second nature to associate them with the latest VR zombie shootout gallery or the next epic undersea cinematic experience. The future of virtual reality is so much more than just gaming though – these new interactive, immersive technologies have the potential to change the very way we interact with the world around us. We’re at a point of time where design and technology are about to take the next big leap towards a new digital frontier together, allowing us not just to play – but to work and live in a entirely revolutionary way.

In our first episode of Thirty Seven Talks, our new interview series, we speak to Silka Miesnieks, Head of Adobe Design Lab, on the future of immersive technology and the potential for it to impact not just the gaming industry, but change our lives as a whole for the better.


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Adobe XD Is Now Free!

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Adobe XD

If you’re a UX Designer, you’ve most likely heard of Adobe XD, the company’s all-in-one UX/UI design platform. If you don’t – Adobe XD lets designers not just create the visual look of an app or website, but the flow that users will experience as they navigate through buttons and links. Although XD gained some popularity in the UX community, it has often been overlooked by budding designers because it required a Creative Cloud monthly subscription. The good news is that Adobe is now making XD free in the form of a starter edition!

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Adobe’s Creative Pulse Research: Creativity And Design Underpin Business Experience

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Adobe Creative Pulse Research 2017

Lots of people think that Singaporean businesses place a lot of emphasis on financials, overheads, efficiency and profitability – and that design, packaging and creativity are often an afterthought. However, there seems to be more than meets the eye. I’m sure you know of Adobe – the makers of Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and other incredible design tools. Did you know that they work in the Digital Marketing space too?

They’ve recently gathered some very interesting research which shows that creativity and design are actually the key components to delivering a great experience to customers. Check out the best bits of their Creative Pulse research report below!

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