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Black Computer L100: A Solution To The Inconveniences Of Network Separation

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This article was published first at techoutsg.com by Zack Lim – additional editing by Billy Zheng.

The Black Computer L100 as seen at this year’s GovernmentWare trade show. (Photo: ST Electronics) People working in the public and government sector can soon enjoy a computer with both corporate intranet and the Internet (www) with ST Electronic’s Black Computer L100.

Remember back in army days, you have the iNet computer which allows you to surf the Internet, and another OA computer which requires an ISAC Card to use? ST Electronics might have found a solution for this. The company’s BLACK Computer L100 will have split personalities. Meaning, you can switch between the untrusted Internet and your trusted corporate Intranet.

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Bus bunching: Why do buses of the same number flock together in groups of threes?

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I’m sure that some of you have noticed that while waiting for a bus, two or three buses of the same number often bunch up and arrive at the bus stop in a group. This phenomenon, called bus bunching, has troubled the nation for years and still can be observed everywhere in Singapore today. Why on earth is public transport still so inefficient in our so called, technologically advanced “smart nation” of today?

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